How do I clean and care for my cushion? 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a washing machine to clean.

Spot washing Yoga Mate with a damp cloth and letting it sit in the sun to dry is ideal. If you cannot sundry, let the cushion air dry indoors. You can also try all natural anti-bacterial sprays. Especially if used in a hot yoga environment. 

Can I sit on my yoga cushion?

You can definitely sit on Yoga Mate. However, keep in mind the cushion may flatten a bit over time. To get the cushion back to shape give it a massage and fluff it back to its original shape. Sun drying for a couple of hours also helps restore the pillow back to its original state. 

Why does my elephant pillow cover fit so tight?

The removable elephant pillow cover is meant to fit very snug on the pillow. The reason it is designed this way is to help keep Yoga Mate in its original state for as long as possible.

How do I wash my elephant pillow cover?

Wash the elephant pillow cover in cold water and then let the cover hang dry. Washing in hot water and using the drying machine will cause the cover to shrink. 

Can I lean on the pillow in a half moon pose?

Yes, but this is dependent on weight, of course. Please keep in mind yoga blocks are not meant to support the entire bodyweight during any balancing pose'. The purpose of the block is to help train the mind and body to mindfully balance without any pressure at all.

Young asian woman leaning into a half moon yoga pose onto a yoga block

Why does my black Yoga Mate cushion have a white tinge at times?

Kapok fibre is a white fibre similar to cotton, so when you fluff the kapok pillow back to its original shape some of the fibres will comes loose and create this tinge. No worries, it's not harmful. 

 close up on yoga mate bolsters label which reads 100% cotton and kapok

What is Yoga Mate made from? 

The fabric covering and stitching are made from 100% cotton and the inner filling is 100% organic kapok fibre.

fair trade and eco friendly yoga bolster handmade in Thailand

Is Yoga Mate hypoallergenic and antimicrobial?

The kapok pillow fibre filling is both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Please do not soak the cushion in any liquids. After a sweaty yoga class let the cushion sundry or sit out to air dry in an open area. 

Where is Yoga Mate manufactured? 

Yoga Mate is handmade in a small village in Northeastern Thailand. The kapok is sourced from local farms and the fair trade facility that makes our products are apart of a local government coalition that helps creates jobs local villages in poorer regions of Thailand.  

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we are available in Canada.

How quickly does an order usually ship? 

Personal and wholesale orders typically go out within 1-2 business days from the time of purchase. The full shipping time is dependent on the type of shipping chosen at checkout.

Why does the buy now button redirect me to Amazon?

Yoga Mate uses Fulfillment By Amazon as our primary distribution method in order to offer the best possible customer service. We are always here for you and you can reach us anytime by filling out the contact for under "Contact Us" and we will be sure to reach out within 24 hours or less or you can communicate with us via amazons seller chat line. 

What is Yoga Mates return policy? 

We offer a 30-DAY replacement or money back guarantee through Amazon Canada. 

All orders that are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) will need to contact Amazon in regards to returns and exchanges. These will be handled directly through Amazons customer care department: 1(877)586-3230

Please have your order number and account information prepared for customer care. 

Does Yoga Mate sell in bulk/ wholesale? 

Yes, we absolutely do, please fill out the form under the contact us page and we would be happy to provide you with a no obligation free quote in regards to helping your studio or meditation centre.