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black, white and red yoga bolsters standing vertically with a label that reads yoga mate pillow bolster block

Your personal yoga assistant.

Get the most fun out of your home yoga practice with one prop. Whether it’s spinal support during meditation, assisting balance in half moon or encouraging correct form in a side angle pose. Yoga Mate will help you stay in flow because our premium yoga props are designed to improve focus by eliminating distraction and discomfort caused by regular yoga props.

female yogi doing a home yoga workout with a yoga block to support her in half moon pose on a white yoga mat
a close up of the top of a yoga bolster with a tag that reads yoga mate there is a leg with black pants resting on the bolster
a young woman lying down in savasana pose with two white yoga bolsters supporting her neck and back
a male yogi is using two stacked white yoga bolsters to support him in bridge pose the man is lying on a white yoga mat
a male yogi is lying in pigeon pose while using a yoga bolster to support his left hip
 a male yogi is using a set of two yoga blocks to support him in forward fold pose in yoga while standing on a white yoga towel
a woman is sitting in a cross legged meditation pose on a meditation cushion
Yoga Mate yoga bolster laying down on display on top of vintage clothes


I love incorporating this yoga mate into my practice! It really helps to straighten my spine and relieve some pressure on my joints during both my meditation and inverse training! The quality of the bolster feels great and the cover to it is so cute! I strongly recommend this product for anyone looking to level up their practice. Plus I love that 1$ goes towards charity. Thank you!


These are beautiful, mid-size bolsters. They are great for poses where you want something a bit softer than a block, but still sturdy. The design is very pretty and so it makes it convenient in that I don't have to put them out of sight when I'm not practicing yoga. 


Love my yoga mate!! It’s perfect for all the places I go from my house, to the studio, to the road and adventures, up on hikes. It’s the ideal piece to keep me centred and flexible and keep my posture and body on point with my lifestyle. ❤️🙏 Thank you Yoga Mate! Highly, highly recommend this product - quality is amazing!


It's so comfortable, despite its look, and it shipped super fast! It's amazing for meditation and gives complete support. Plus, the cover bag for it is gorgeous!


I received my product and I was blown away by the quality and the look! I’m super skeptical about buying things online because you never know what you’re going to get but, It’s fantastic and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for yoga mate.


Love my bolster! Have found I've been able to get into my meditation deeper while helping my posture at the same time. The instructions provided are also super handy to help learn different ways to utilize it. Plus it looks great in my living room!


Not too hard, not too soft. I love the size and look of it. Fit in my yoga bag nicely.


I've been meditating for years and id always get a pain in my back after about 20 mins now that I have this meditation cushion I don't get that pain at all anymore. Totally recommended!


Great product and beautifully made, love that money is donated back to a good cause.
We gave it to our daughter and she loves it, “Super nice to use the yoga mate, best gift ever!”